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What Does "Tote The Note"?
"Tote the note" is another name for buy here, pay here dealerships. Auto loans are sometimes known as "notes". Most auto loans are issued by big financial institutions who use a buyer's credit score to make lending decisions. A tote the note dealership can make financing decisions in-house, which makes it possible for buyers with bad credit scores to get auto loans.
What Is The Best Used Car Dealership in OKC?
There are dozens of used car dealerships in Oklahoma City, but Victory Used Cars is the best used car dealership for drivers looking for affordable used cars with low down payments. Victory makes it easier to buy a car than any other dealership: we can help you get approved for financing quickly with no credit check, even if you have bad credit.
Do Buy Here, Pay Here Dealerships Hurt Your Credit?
Buying a car from a buy here, pay here dealership like Victory Used Cars won't hurt your credit unless they conduct a "hard" credit check. Victory Used Cars can approve qualifying drivers without the hassle of a credit check.
What Is The Best Place To Buy A Car in OKC?
Buy Here, Pay Here dealerships can be one of the best places for drivers to buy a car in Oklahoma City, because they offer advantages over stuffy, traditional dealerships. Victory Used Cars offers flexible, in-house financing with quick and easy approvals and no credit check. Best of all, we have low payments and offer a free labor warranty on the cars we finance.
Can I Get A Car With $500 Down?
Yes, it's possible! You can get behind the wheel for less than you think at Victory Used Cars in Oklahoma City. We’re proud to offer flexible financing with low down payments and affordable monthly payment options.
What Are The Best Cars To Buy Used?
Many times it is best to buy a car that is used, instead of buying it new. New cars lose much of their value in the first year or two, but their performance is unchanged. It can be an especially smart idea to buy expensive vehicles like SUVs and trucks used. Victory Used Cars has an inventory of high-quality used cars with the performance and features you need at a more affordable cost.
Where Is Victory Used Cars?
Victory Used Cars is located on S Shields Boulevard in Oklahoma City, but we are only a short trip away for customers shopping for used cars in Norman, Edmond, Moore, or the greater OKC community.
Is It A Good Time to Buy A Used Car?
Right now is one of the best times for consumers to buy a car. Buyers can get a great deal with low monthly payments and a Free Labor Warranty on every car at Victory Used Cars.
Can I Buy A Car With Bad Credit?
Yes, it is possible to buy a car even if you have bad credit. When you buy a car from a traditional dealership, most financing decisions are based on your credit score. Victory Used Cars is a buy here pay here dealership with flexible in-house financing that is not based on your credit score.
Does Victory Used Cars Offer A Warranty?
Yes, all Victory used cars come with our Free Labor Warranty that covers your car for the life of the loan!
Can I Buy A Car With No Credit Check?
Yes, Victory offers in-house auto financing with no credit checks and an approval process that is based on your current situation instead of your credit score.
Can I Finance a Used Car?
Victory offers in-house auto financing for every used car on our lot with a quick-and-easy approval process based on your current financial situation.
Are Used Cars Reliable?
Victory stands behind every used car on our lot. When you finance a vehicle with us, we offer a Free Labor Warranty on all repairs done at Victory!
How Can I Get Approved for a Car?
Get fast and easy approval on a new ride by bringing a valid photo ID, proof of income like a paycheck stub or bank statements, and proof of residence such as a lease agreement or utility bill.
Is Buy-Here, Pay-Here a Good Idea?
Victory Used Cars is perfect for drivers who need a vehicle but need someone to help buy one because of bad credit history or anything else in their past. We only care about your future.
How Can I Get a Car Loan with Bad Credit?
If a traditional bank or car dealership has denied you for an auto loan, then Victory Used Cars might be perfect for you! No matter your credit score or history, you can get approved for a car loan at Victory Used Cars after answering just a few simple questions!
How Does Buy-Here, Pay-Here Financing Work?
At Victory Used Cars, we look at your current financial situation to approve you for a car loan. Your credit score is not a factor – we only care about your future and helping you get into the driver’s seat!
Does Buy-Here, Pay-Here Depend on My Credit?
Victory understands our customers are more than just a credit score. Instead of using only your credit history like traditional banks and car dealerships to make financing approval decisions, we focus on your current income and financial situation to help you get the auto financing you need.
What is a Buy-Here, Pay-Here Car Lot?
A Buy-Here, Pay-Here dealership offers personalized financing options at the dealership rather than through a bank or credit union. That means you make your payments at the dealership where you bought the car. At Victory Used Cars, we can approve you for an easy in-house, bad-credit car loan on site, in person, on the spot at our dealership in Oklahoma City.


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