Why In-House Financing is Better Than Buying a Car on Layaway


Did you ever buy clothes, furniture, or your Christmas gifts on layaway? It can be a convenient way to get the things you need when you don’t have all the money up front, but it comes with a huge downside: you don’t get to take the stuff home until it’s all paid for! 

That’s why the idea of buying a car on layaway, while intriguing, may not be the best option—especially if you need a car now to get around. 

What Does It Mean to Buy a Car on Layaway?

In case any readers aren’t familiar with how layaway works, let’s take a minute to explain. You select the items you want to purchase (be it clothes, toys, or, in this case a car), and you make a down payment. 

The down payment could be as small as a few dollars or as much as 20% of the price of the items. Once the down payment is made, the seller holds the items, or lays them away, while you continue making payments. Once all payments have been made, you can take the item home. 

One thing that might be different when buying a car on layaway is that you may only have to lay the car away until your down payment is met rather than the entire price of the car. 

Best Way to Buy a Car Without a Lot of Money

So can you buy a car on layaway? It’s possible that a dealership near you may offer this service in one form or another, but a better question is whether buying a car on layaway is the best option. 

Remember, you won’t be able to take possession of the car during the layaway process even though you’ll be making payments. 

Some buyers with bad credit and little cash on hand think this is their only option, but it’s not!

Victory Used Cars is a buy here pay here car dealership that helps people with all credit levels get into the reliable car or truck they need. No money down? No problem! 450 credit score? That’s ok! Victory looks at your ability to pay going forward rather than what happened in the past. 

The flexible in-house financing specialists work closely with every buyer to work out a payment plan that meets their budget. The entire process is easy and convenient, and you can even start the car-buying process without leaving your home!

Victory Used Cars has a large selection of quality pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs, so no matter what kind of vehicle you need, we’re likely to have it in our inventory.  You might be worried about the quality of used vehicles, but you have nothing to worry about when purchasing a Victory car or truck!

We only sell quality vehicles that have been carefully inspected, and that’s a promise we stand behind with a Free Labor Warranty!

Want to know the best part? Unlike with car layaway, you can drive away in your new car or truck today! Get started by filling out an online application and browsing our available inventory, or stop by to talk with our helpful staff who will help you find exactly what you need.


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