5 Reasons Your Car Won’t Start When the Battery is OK

Few things are more frustrating than trying to start your car only for it not to turn over. There are several possible reasons you might find yourself in this annoying situation, but your first thought will usually be the battery. However, once you’ve ruled out a bad battery as the culprit, there are many other possibilities.

Some of the common reasons your car won’t start include:

Car Won’t Start Because of: The Alternator

A bad alternator is a very common culprit when your car won’t start. You may get a warning light for a bad alternator, but not always. If there is a gauge in your instrument panel, it should show around 14 volts. If it’s lower, your alternator could be the problem. Dim headlights are another symptom of a faulty alternator. 

Car Won’t Start Because of: a Worn Out Key

If your car is older, the key could be the issue. Over time, keys get worn down, causing them not to line up perfectly when inserted in the door or ignition. Fortunately, it’s usually an easy fix of just getting a new key. If your car has a chip key, however, a replacement could cost a few hundred dollars. Pro Tip: If you’re pretty sure it’s the key, call a locksmith. They’ll be able to make you a new key onsite, so you won’t have to figure out how to get the car to the dealership. Plus, the locksmith will usually charge less than the dealership.  Just be sure to verify that they can make onsite chip keys as not all locksmiths can. 

Car Won’t Start Because of: a Bad Starter

Do you hear a clicking noise when trying to start the car? If so, the starter could be the problem. Other symptoms of a bad starter are that your lights come on, but the motor won’t turn over or that you can see oil on the starter. A shop will be able to verify a bad starter, and then swapping out the starter should fix the issue. 

Car Won’t Start Because of: Your Air Filter

You know what happens if you don’t clean the filters for your home HVAC system: they become clogged, hinder airflow, and reduce the effectiveness of your unit. The same applies to your car. Every time you drive your car, dirt and debris builds up in the car’s air filter. Eventually, it will be so clogged that air cannot get through. When that happens, the gas cannot ignite, and your car cannot start. New air filters can be found at any auto supply store and, on most cars, it’s easy to replace them. 

Car Won’t Start Because of: the Fuel Pump

To test for a faulty fuel pump, turn the key to “on.” You should hear the pump running for two or three seconds. If you don’t hear it, the fuel pump could be why your car won’t start. If you’ve noticed decreased fuel economy or if your engine has been running hotter than normal, those are other signs that point to the fuel pump. Is your car giving you trouble more often? If so, it might be time to think about an upgrade. Victory Used Cars makes it easy to start your car search without even leaving your home. If you’re worried that bad credit will stop you from getting the car you need, you’ll be happy to know that Victory Used Cars makes it easy for everyone to buy a reliable used car with no money down—and bad credit is no problem! Start searching online or stop by today and drive away with a great deal!