Get pre-approved for a loan with no credit check!

Getting pre-approved is quick and easy.

Our team works to get you approved.

our ez form won't ding your credit!

Credit checks can be a massive obstacle to consumers who are trying to protect their credit, but Victory Used Cars has invented a better way. Try our EZ Form to get a preview of your loan before you make a final decision. This simple form takes just a few clicks to complete and we'll let you know what your down payment and expected loan amount will be. Once you have the answers the decision is  truly in your hands because there's no pressure to buy a car until you're ready.

Applying for auto financing with Victory Used Cars is a simple process. You can get started right now by filling out the auto financing contact form above. We’ll get in touch and walk you through the details.

You will need to provide just three things in order to get the financing process moving: your driver’s license, proof of income, and proof of home address. You can show proof of income with a recent pay stub from your job. Proof of address can be provided by bringing in paperwork such as a recent bill from your utilities with your address on it or a lease agreement. These three pieces of documentation provide enough information for a financing decision at Victory Used Cars. There is no need to fill out complicated forms or long finance applications, because financing decisions are made in-house.

Victory Used Cars runs a basic credit check, but we don't base our financing decisions off your credit score alone. You can get approved for financing even if you have bad credit. Our friendly team works with buyers who are working to establish or rebuild their credit every day.

Traditional car dealerships and financial institutions are laser-focused on your credit score when making financing decisions. Many places won’t even consider you for a loan if you don’t meet their minimum required credit score! This type of institution bases financing decisions almost completely on what happened in your past: after all, common life events such as divorce, illness, foreclosure, bankruptcy and repossession can all have an impact on your credit score.

Fortunately, our dealership is different. The financing decisions at Victory are based off of your current situation and not on your past.

You can get your next car from our dealership with a low down payment!

Coming up with a large down payment can make getting into a vehicle difficult for many people. Fortunately, you have a local option for getting a car even if you need to make a low down payment. If you are looking for buy here pay here in OKC with a small down payment, Victory Used Cars has you covered. At Victory, you can get into a vehicle with a low down payment. This means that you can quickly get into the car you need today, without having to wait until you can afford a large down payment.

You're so close to getting approved!



Victory Used Cars offers a streamlined auto financing approval process designed to make getting approved quick and easy. Unlike banks and car loan companies that may require complicated applications with tons of paperwork, you only need 3 things to get approved by Victory Used Cars:

  • Your Driver’s License
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Address


Why Get Pre-Approved at Victory Used Cars?


We are totally up front and transparent when it comes to our prices. We know you need a vehicle, and we want to help you get approved and into the car you want as quickly as possible – without any hassle!


No matter if you’re looking for a heavy-duty work truck or a daily driving sedan: if it’s on the Victory Used Car lot, you can trust that a vehicle is in great shape and ready to roll!


We stand behind our vehicles so much that we offer a Free Labor Warranty on all repairs done at Victory*! As long as you’re financed with us and current on your payments, you’ll never pay for us to do any work on your vehicle!

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