How Can I Buy a Car With No Money Down?

More people are struggling financially right now due to the circumstances the world is in, but the need for reliable transportation continues. But is buying a car with no money to put down possible? 

The short answer is yes, you can—if you know the type of dealership to visit. 

Traditional dealers and lenders usually require a very high credit score and a down payment. If you have neither, you’ll probably be out of luck. A buy here pay here dealer, however, doesn’t require perfect credit or a down payment, so it’s a perfect option if you’re short on cash. 

As the name implies, with buy here pay here lending, the dealership is the one making the decision and providing the loan. This is in contrast to traditional auto loans which come from a bank or, in some cases, the automaker.

Also unlike traditional loans, buy here pay here dealerships don’t care about your credit score, payment history, or the size of your down payment. Instead, they only consider your ability to pay going forward. That’s why the application process is so simple—and much faster than with bank lending. 

Typically, you’ll only need to bring your license, proof of address, a bank statement, and a paycheck stub or two. At Victory Used Cars, we make it easy to buy a vehicle with no money down, and our large selection of quality used cars means you’ll be able find exactly what you want at a price you can afford. 

Do You Have to Have Perfect Credit to Buy a Car With No Money Down?

Victory Used Cars not only works with buyers of all budgets, but we work with all credit scores as well. Here’s the deal: Most people will deal with credit problems at some point in their life, and it’s often no fault of their own. 

Worried about your past credit issues? Whether your credit troubles were caused by divorce, job loss, or health issues, know that there are options to help you rebuild your credit and to find the quality truck or car you need. Our no-money-down loans are approved in spite of past problems such as bankruptcy, repossession, or foreclosure.

Will the Monthly Payment Be Very High?

While you can lower your monthly payment by putting down some money up front, we can still work out a monthly payment you can afford even with no money down. We’ve done it for thousands of car buyers over the years, and we can do it for you too!

Is it Really That Easy?

Yes!  Some of our customers are so surprised when they’re able to leave our lot with a quality vehicle and affordable payments with no money down—but that’s what we do! 

Ready to get started? Stop by our dealership today and drive away with a great no money down deal on a great car. You can start the loan application process online and browse our current inventory. Victory Used Cars is the smart choice for buying a car with no money down, but don’t take our word for it! Come see us today and see for yourself!