Enjoy a Surprisingly Fast, In-And-Out Car Buying Experience!

If you’ve ever bought a car the traditional way, you already know it’s a hassle. You can’t just pop in and buy a car and be out in an hour or two. It’s a most-of-the-day affair and it often involves long waits as the bank or financing office as somebody gathers tons of documents and requires more signatures than if you were buying a house. 

Who has time for that?

If you’re looking for a better—and much faster—way to buy your next car, Victory Used Cars is the smart choice. We allow buyers to complete most of the paperwork online, so you can be in and out quickly. 

We wanted to make buying a car less complicated, and that’s exactly what we’ve done for thousands of buyers!

Victory Is the Best Place to Buy A Car With Bad Credit

Buying a car the old-fashioned way is a hassle for anyone, but it can be impossible if you have less-than-perfect credit. That’s not the case at Victory Used Cars. 

To us, customers are more than the number on their credit score. We understand that most people will have credit issues at some point in their lives whether due to divorce, medical issues, job loss, or a host of other reasons, and we don’t hold that against you. 

Since we do our own financing, we’re able to make the decision about who gets a car loan. Unlike a bank or traditional financing company, we care much less about what happened last year and more about your ability to pay going forward. 

Bad credit doesn’t matter at Victory Used Cars. If you have a job, a bank account, and an ID, we likely have a financing plan that will work for you. Plus, you’ll be treated with respect from start to finish because, again, you are more than your credit score. 

How Long Does It Take To Buy A Car?

The typical process can take several days while the bank makes its decision about financing. The process at Victory Used Cars is much, much faster.   In some cases, we don’t even need to pull a credit report. Just bring a couple of pay stubs, a bank statement, and proof of address. We can complete your loan with lightning speed, so you can do what you came here to do: Drive away with a great deal!

How Can I Speed Up The Process Of Buying A Car? 

If you’re wondering how to speed up the process of buying a car, here are two pieces of advice: 1) Choose Victory Used Cars over a traditional dealership and 2) Start the process online.

Browse our inventory of quality used cars and trucks online. When something catches your eye, click the big red “Get Approved” button. Fill out the form, and we’ll get to work setting up a low monthly payment that suits your budget. 

When you arrive at the lot, we’ll just need to finish up the paperwork, and you’ll be on your way!

Ready to get started? Check out our inventory or stop by Victory Used Cars today and see for yourself why so many count on us for buying a car fast in OKC!